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SubjectRe: 1.3.96 exit_mm breaks nfs as module
Amazingly enough Jeff Coy Jr. said:
> now it will load, but it won't unload:
> [jcoy@jcoy-ppp][/usr2/users/jcoy] rmmod nfs
> nfs: Device or resource busy
> [jcoy@jcoy-ppp][/usr2/users/jcoy] lsmod
> Module: #pages: Used by:
> nfs 12 4

That's because the MOD_COUNT is still greater than one (in this
case, 4).... you need to kill off the 4 nfsiod's.

I posted a while back, a hack that made the nfsiod's die when all
the mount points were gone, but no one ever commented on them.

Mike Castle .-=NEXUS=-. Life is like a clock: You can work constantly and be right all the time, or not work at all and be right at least twice a day. -- mrc
We are all of us living in the shadow of Manhattan. -- Watchmen

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