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SubjectRe: GateD Compile Problems
>         I put the flag for variable lengtn subnet masks in the Config
> file. Can we do variable length subnet masks?


> I had errors in if.c (sizeof applied to incomplete type 'struct ip')
> I commented out the '#ifdef __BSD_SOURCE' in <netinet/ip.h> and
> the file compiled. I'm sure this is the wrong way to fix this (what is
> the proper way to fix it?).

I'd have defined BSD source in the makefile/

> The file task.c is looking for 'struct cmsghdr'. I have looked
> through all the header files in the /usr/include tree and the gated
> source and haven't found anything close. If it's there, where can I
> find it?

Thats an item we are working on. Adding fd passing has tripped gated into
expecting a large number of weird BSD features we dont support.


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