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SubjectLooking for help with kernel options
I'm looking for some help with trying to get past a 
problem with a SCSI harddrive.

I have a Seagate SCSI drive and I'm using an Adaptec
driver and the drive is not being recognized at boot.
(I used the scsinet boot image when I installed linux.)

I read in the HOWTO documentation that I might need to
force detection using a kernel command line option.

However none of the directions seem to make sense.....

> Boot your system with LILO, and hit one of the alt, control, or
> shift keys when it first comes up to get a prompt. LILO
> should respond with
> :
> At this prompt, you can select a kernel image to boot, or list
> them with ?. Ie
> :?

When I boot my system I get a prompt,


to which I have options to respond with dos or linux.

I tried starting over and booting off my boot disk (floppy) that I made
to see if I could come up with the ":" prompt somehow.

I've gone off the deep end somewhere.

Anyone have any idea how I need to enter my kernel command line options
at boot? What constitues "Boot your system with LILO"?

Can I just add the kernel command line options to the /etc/lilo.conf file?
If so, where?



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