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SubjectRe: memory corruption under heavy load?
I had problems along simular lines, disabling the external cache worked 
also, could it be that the kernel is having problems with external cache,
or just slow memory.


Tim Middelkoop O /\, \/\
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On Mon, 1 Apr 1996, Colten Edwards wrote:

> On Mon, 1 Apr 1996, Marek Michalkiewicz wrote:
> > Trying to stress-test some new hardware, I did "make -j" on the kernel
> > sources. It runs for a while, starts swapping a lot, load average goes
> > up to 30 or so, then cc1 gets fatal signal 11. There is still plenty
> > of free swap space at this point (20MB total, about 10MB free).
> been there.. done that
> >
> > Before everyone will tell me: "it's a hardware problem, read the signal
> > 11 FAQ, Linux has no bugs", read on...
> >
> > This never happens on the same machine under 1.2.13, 1.3.45 and 1.3.58
> > (it runs happily until it runs out of swap space). I can reproduce it
> > every time I try "make -j" on any large source package, under 1.3.80
> > and 1.3.74. Normal compiles work fine under 1.3.80, just not "make -j"
> > so I don't think it's a hardware problem.
> >
> > The symptom is usually signal 11, but sometimes also syntax errors in
> > perfectly good include files. It looks like memory corruption caused
> > by some changes between 1.3.58 and 1.3.74. I suspect the new swapping
> > or page cache code. I can do a binary search, to determine exactly
> > which patchlevel broke things - just tell me if this is necessary.
> been here.. had that.
> >
> > Hardware: GigaByte GA-5486AL PCI motherboard with ALI1489 chipset (BTW,
> > it seems to work fine with normal IDE driver, specifying ide0=ali14xx
> > slows it down 3MB/s -> 1MB/s!), AMD 5x86-160 CPU, WD AC2850 hard drive
> > (814MB EIDE), 8MB RAM (two 70ns 4MB PS/2 SIMMs).
> Gigabyte GA 586 PCI with triton chipset. 256k pipeline burst. Intel 586
> 100 WD 1gig and a Quantum 1.2g 16meg of 60ns ram.
> On my first board I could get rid of the problem by disabling the
> external cache. I had the board replaced and the problem has gone away.
> So yes it can be a hardware problem. BTW that board probably would work
> fine with dos or windows. Just not under linux. So try disabling the
> external cache and slow down your memory access because of the slow
> SIMM's and see what happens.... If it cures the problem then it's
> probably not a linux problem but a hardware problem.
> Colten Edwards

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