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SubjectRe: As 2.0 looms
Alan Cox wrote:
> Id not be keen to change
>the irq probes until after 2.0 - when it should be done. IRQ probing is
>a delicate art.
OK... if you / Linus say so. (It should have been done right the first
time, though. And I still do think that I'd rather call the next version
1.4, but maybe that's just me...)

>As to printk. Does a preprocessor guru want to hack the defines so a printk
>without a KERN_xxx define at the start breaks during the compile.

Easy to do, but not the way you wrote it. ;-)

find /usr/src/linux/. -name \*.[hc] -print | \
xargs perl -i -pe 's#\b(printk\s*\()\s*"#\1KERN_FIXME "#g'

This replaces all printk("foo") with printk(KERN_FIXME "foo").

Replace KERN_FIXME with whatever else suits you.

The above is untested but should work; printks in macros might need
some massaging but there aren't many of these.

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