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SubjectRe: broken flock() in linux 1.3.95
Russell Berry:

: Unfortunately, I for one missed this thread all together, and
: in 1.3.96 am seeing the flock() messages in my logs for the
: first time. So if anyone would like to forward the solution to
: me, please do. Thanks.

Ignore the messages.
In 1.3.95 you would get screenfuls of them, making them somewhat hard to ignore.
1.3.96 only gives 5 - still annoying, but there is an "#if 1" that you can change
into "#if 0" to get rid of these messages entirely.

[Alternatively, if you don't know what to do with your time, you can upgrade
libc, and recompile and reinstall a dozen or so of your old a.out binaries,
mostly daemons.]

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