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SubjectRe: My personal wish-list
On Sun, 28 Apr 1996, Graham Mitchell wrote:

> I dont think this is a good idea.... There will be more and more
> commonality in the future, as more different architectures start to
> use PCI eg PowerPC

Hmmm, PCI on Apple vs. PCI on non-Apple seem to be somewhat of a different
breed. In any event, there is often a fair amount of code which differs
between different architectures.

> > o Option to throw away 'other' architecture code
> Again no. Lets keep ALL the kernel sources together.

Sooner or later, the kernel tar file will be separated into several
different subfiles. It's going to happen, purely by virtue of size.

That need not mean that it will be separated *logically*---though patches
will probably have to be produced as separate files as well.

It's going to happen. All you have to do is look at the size of the kernel
tar file to figure that out.


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