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SubjectRe: As 2.0 looms
> > Yes. And the 'Do you want to be offered ALPHA test drivers' needs to be
> > moved to the top of ./drivers/net/ so that it can be applied to
> > *all* drivers, and not just ether drivers as it is at present.
> Seconded!

Done and sent to Linus. Put the drivers in alphabetical order by section,
made "10 and 100Mbit ethernet" as well as "Radio Interfaces" sections.

> There's also an EtherExpressPro driver which still has problems last time I
> looked -- the transmitter can get stuck if the receiver has too much work
> to do (setting the card to promiscuous mode should do it), and it fails to
> properly unregister itself when loaded as a module.

I'll glance at that, probably a 30 second fix in with other bits to sort
its unregister. The crash is someone elses problem ;)

> The network and standard serial drivers also carry their own IRQ-probe code
> around with them, I'd really like to see that cleared up before 2.0 too.
> (Does _anybody_ out there use the serial driver's "wild interrupt"
> feature? And why is that thing in the serial driver in the first place?
> Should be a kernel command line option instead...)

I use it to save setting parameters specifically. Id not be keen to change
the irq probes until after 2.0 - when it should be done. IRQ probing is
a delicate art.

As to printk. Does a preprocessor guru want to hack the defines so a printk
without a KERN_xxx define at the start breaks during the compile.


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