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SubjectRe: Problems in 1.3.93
> > AT&T sold the Unix trademark to Novell, who in turn sold it to SCO.
> > Just so you'll know where to send your large sums of money. :-)
> No. Unix was a trademark of AT&T, then USL (owned eventually by Novell),
> and now X/Open , which is merging with the OSF. In the UK I keep hearing
> "Linux, thats the replacement for the old unix thing isnt it". I'm happy
> to encourage that belief.

I could be wrong, but I think the picture is more confused than that.
I know that the trademark went to X/Open, but apparantly, Sun bought
the right to SVR4 code from Novell, and thus got out of royalty
payments (according to UNIX Internals).

So, if I buy a copy of Ultrix, does Digital give part of my money to
AT&T, who forwards it to USL, who hands ot to Novell, who gives it to...

X/Open owns the trademark, who owns the code? I thought it was SCO...

> Alan

Buddha Buck
"She was infatuated with their male prostitutes, whose members were
like those of donkeys and whose seed came in floods like that of
stallions." -- Ezekiel 23:20

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