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SubjectRe: dropping kerneld...

On Sat, 27 Apr 1996, Lauri Tischler wrote:

> Anno Domini 25 Apr 96 at 22:11, Bjorn Ekwall wrote:
> >
> > Let me just tell you that you are missing a lot if you're not using kerneld :-)
> Yup, I'm missing a lot of pain and useless complications by not
> using kerneld and modules. Quite useless contraptions both.

What pain? I got the source for kerneld, compiled it, put it in somewhere
appropriate in /etc/rc.d, and recompiled the kernel with modules. I wouldn't
call that pain, or complicated

> Oh Well.. modules I can tolerate on a 'open enviroment' where the box
> is open all the time and the frantic developer keeps switching boards
> in and out all the time.

What about for those things that are hardly ever used in a production
server, like the floppy drive, but it would be annoying to have to
recomplile the kernel for :)

> Production server which is fixed in configuration and stuffed into a
> closet, works best with monolithic kernel.

But this isn't how many people use their linux machines.... is it?

> Any lurking need to use kerneld is easily cured by getting enough
> memory.

Of course, this also requires enough cash.


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