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Subject[comp.os.linux.development.system] Microkernelizing Linux
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From: Arun Sharma <>
Subject: Microkernelizing Linux
Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.development.system
Date: 27 Apr 1996 15:11:49 -0500


Our group here at the University of Illinois is working on a shared
memory multiprocessor and I'm exploring some of the OS issues for such
processors (

Since reliability in such multiprocessors is a major issue, we'll
probably need to divide the machine into multiple cells and replicate
the OS in each one of the cells (compare this with a single copy of
the OS in a SMP machine).

Since the OS is going to take up a large amount of the DRAM space, I
want to make sure that only the most essential functions are
replicated and that most of the OS functionality is in the user

I'm considering Linux as the prime candidate for an OS for this work,
since it seems to be the most stable, popular and well understood
among the existing free UNIX-like OSes.

Any help or pointers to related work are greatly appreciated.

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