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SubjectRe: My personal wish-list
On 26 Apr 96 at 16:09, Aaron Fredrick Tiensivu wrote:


> o 'linux/drivers' split into architecture specific branches

I dont think this is a good idea.... There will be more and more
commonality in the future, as more different architectures start to
use PCI eg PowerPC

> o Option to throw away 'other' architecture code

Again no. Lets keep ALL the kernel sources together.

> o Various 'README' files in various directories stuck where they should be, in
> 'Documentation'

YES..... This should be done for V2.0 i would say.

> o Cleaner kmalloc
> o SBPCD seperated into drive families - taking out support for TEAC and the
> other 'families' that don't pertain to my setup resulted in a 50% reduction
> in code-size.

Yes..... and some speed improvements..... Its so damn slow just now.

> o 'vmlinuz' created as a symlink pointing to '' , same with
> That way, no need to go probing to the file looking for version
> signature.

Yup.... and lilo supporting this


Ask not what you can do for your country,
but what your government is doing to you

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