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SubjectRoot f/s partition destroyed with 1.3.93
Very sorry to not have more info, but I'm not sure what is going on. 

Twice, both times I have tried to run 1.3.93, I have seen the same thing:
I boot 1.3.93, run awhile, then run shutdown to reboot another kernel, and
the disk is unbootable. lilo runs and the new kernel boots, but it cannot
recognize the file system type of my root file partition; it gets an error
about the FAT being unrecognizable. The other linux partitions are

I did not write down the specific errors; I was too rushed to repair the
disk and get the system back up. In retrospect I would not have
materially affected my time to recover.

I've been on the 1.3 series for a long time; I'm currently on 1.3.71.

Any ideas at all about what may be going on here are greatly appreciated.
I'm not sure where to start.

486, Adaptec VL/SCSI
32 MB

-- Michael

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