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SubjectRe: .94 Floppies and Ethernet
On 25 Apr 1996, Mark Eichin wrote:

> >> vorlon kernel: eth0: Bus master arbitration failure, status 88f2.
> Interesting -- I am getting this *exact* error (a few hundred times a
> day) on a 1.3.79 kernel.
I got this message on all kernel versions I can think of (including 1.2.13),
using an NCR 53810 SCSI controller and a AMD 2100 ethernet card. It
appears to be harmless but I got spurious lockups of the whole machine so
I replaced the network card and avoided them in the future.

I'm still curious about the reason behind it.

> It was suggested (on one of the debian
> lists) that the problem was the video card I'm using.
We got this problem regardless of video cards. We always use some cheap
PCI cards.

We use ASUS motherboards PVI 486 SP3, PC/I 486 SP3G and TP XE 54 (don't
remember the exact type.

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