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SubjectRe: As 2.0 looms (fwd)
Anno Domini 26 Apr 96 at 14:08, Ulrich Windl wrote:
> On 26 Apr 96 at 12:23, Alan Cox wrote:
> > > The one "ALPHA" is "DEC_ALPHA" for me. Or we use "EXPERIMENTAL"
> > > the other "alpha". What about a replace before 2.0 is out?
> > Alpha has always meant preproduction quality code. Its not my
> >fault digital
> > gave their machine a stupid name. Call the DEC Alpha stuff "DEC Alpha"
> Unfortunately this gives a terrible directory name (with a blank).
> Even using the greek letter (that's what DEC thought of) is not too
> nice. What about capitalizing ALPHA if DEC's product is meant, and
> using lowercase "[Aa]lpha" for pre-production quality?
> >
Hmmm.. Why not call early code ALFA (ie, alfa, beta, gamma...)
and then ALPHA would mean DEC's stuff...
My 0.0002 worth..
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is not having to pay income tax.

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