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Subjectdropping kerneld...
Anno Domini 25 Apr 96 at 22:11, Bjorn Ekwall wrote:
> Let me just tell you that you are missing a lot if you're not using kerneld :-)

Yup, I'm missing a lot of pain and useless complications by not
using kerneld and modules. Quite useless contraptions both.

Oh Well.. modules I can tolerate on a 'open enviroment' where the box
is open all the time and the frantic developer keeps switching boards
in and out all the time.

Production server which is fixed in configuration and stuffed into a
closet, works best with monolithic kernel.

Any lurking need to use kerneld is easily cured by getting enough

Thought for the day:
Dictatorship (n): a form of government under which everything
which is not prohibited is compulsory.

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