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27 Apr 1996

[New] Re: SPARC LinuxWarner Losh
  Re: BusLogic-1.2.2 / Linux 1.2.13 compile error"Leonard N. Zubkoff"
[New] BusLogic-1.2.2.tar.gz & ELF"Leonard N. Zubkoff"
[New] Mailconfig v1.1"Nicholas J. Leon"
[New] 1.3.95 - New messages(Karl Keyte)
[New] Re: Please change /proc/rtc (PATCH)Warner Losh
[New] 1.3.94 oopsJared Mauch
  Re: Must modules be GPL'ed? (fwd)"Theodore Y. Ts'o"
  1.3.90 & XPhillip
[New] How to fix flock errorMatt Hartley
  Re: networking, 1.3.91Alan Cox
[New] Reserved file structsHemment_Mark/
  Re: networking, 1.3.91Russell Berry
  Re: 1.3.94 fails to detect NE2000 ?????Alan Cox
  Re: 1.3.94 fails to detect NE2000 ?????Herbert Rosmanith
  Re: 1.3.94 problemsHerbert Rosmanith
  Re: /proc/misc has bad mode(Robert Nichols)
[New] ifconfig & module problemsAndy Parkerson
  Re: SysVinit (again)"Steven N. Hirsch"
[New] mmap()'d file contents disappearTANAKA Yoshitomo
[New] It's a duck! It's a penguin! It's ...(Matthias Urlichs)
[New] FTP perfomance in 1.3.91"Ulrich Windl"
[New] Module loading problem"Mike McLagan"
[New] Serial module arguments !?Joshua Spoerri
[New] UFS modularisation (PATCH)(Wingerde van GR)
[New] Re: Patch for Serial DriverRobert de Bath
  Re: signal(SIGFPE,SIG_IGN), possible solution?Linus Torvalds
  Re: .94 Floppies and EthernetNils Rennebarth
[New] Re: As 2.0 looms (fwd)"Ulrich Windl"
  Re: signal(SIGFPE,SIG_IGN), possible solution?Robert Wuest
[New] Complete lock up's on heavy floppy reads.Nils Rennebarth
  Re: 1.3.95 is not stableLinus Torvalds
  Re: 1.3.94 Ooops For Sale...Simon Shapiro
  Re: As 2.0 loomsAlain KNAFF
  Re: Amazing what a little RTFM can do :>Mark Hamstra
  Re: It's GOTTA be a Penguin...Kai Schulte
  Re: signal(SIGFPE,SIG_IGN), possible solution?Ben Wing
[New] Re: strange login problems?Michael Alan Dorman
  Re: strange login problems?(Andrew Walker)
  Re: Proposal: Hotkey-handling with kerneldMartin Buck
  Re: bad kerneld behaviourJacek Zapala
  Re: Modularizing the IPV4 codeTom Grigg
  Re: .94 Floppies and EthernetAlan Cox
[New] Linux95 has a new bug?Ulrich Windl
  Re: 1.3.94 : if_arp.hAlan Cox
  Re: do_fast_gettimeoffset(void) buggy?Linus Torvalds
  Re: port reuse problem with ftpAlan Cox
  Re: Safety of Linux vs. NSAAlan Cox
  Re: Solved: 1.3.94: open () still slower than 1.2.13Linus Torvalds
  Re: broken flock() in linux 1.3.95"Brian A. Lantz"
  Re: bad kerneld behaviour(Bjorn Ekwall)
  Re: broken flock emulation.........Robert L Krawitz
  Re: X-WindowsBryn Paul Arnold Jones
  Re: writing a parallel port driver to support external hardware"Grant R. Guenther"
  Re: Another oops (1.3.93)Linus Torvalds
  Re: Hang in fs/locks.c: posix_locks_deadlock() & posix_lock_file()(Jay Bazuzi)
  Re: Linux-1.3.95 - spelling fixesJauder Ho
[New] [Q] Byte Unix BenchmarksShinanyaku
[New] 1.9.95: bug in sr_ioctlRonald Wahl
  Re: writing a parallel port driver to support external hardwareAlan Cox
[New] Re: PTY feature? or bug?(really )
[New] 1.3.95 oopsesRobert L Krawitz
  Re: 1.3.94 : if_arp.hMatthew J Brown
  Re: PTY feature? or bug?Craig Milo Rogers
[New] GateD V 3.6 Alpha 0 crashes Linux 1.3.95 Kernel(Henning Schmiedehausen)
  Re: 1.3.95 is not stableSteven L Baur
  Re: As 2.0 loomsMarek Michalkiewicz
  Re: Linux 2.0 competition <rulez> <[email protected] ...
[New] Re: Problems in 1.3.93Bryn Paul Arnold Jones
  Re: broken flock emulation.........Jauder Ho
  Re: memtest86, built into kernel(Kai Henningsen)
  Kernel SuggestionsMatthew J Brown
[New] Re: Amazing what a little RTFM can do :>David A Willmore
  Re: Another oops (1.3.93)Matthew White
  Re: broken flock() in linux 1.3.95David Schwartz aka Joel Katz
[New] ip masq'ing in 1.3.95"B.J. Weschke"
  Re: It's GOTTA be a Penguin..."David S. Miller"
[New] do_fast_gettimeoffset(void) buggy?"Ulrich Windl"
[New] Re: nfsiod issues?Matthias Urlichs
[New]Jason Eggleston
  Re: As 2.0 looms(Alan Cox)
[New] bounds checking gcc on recent kernels? [email protected] ...
  Re: As 2.0 looms(Alan Cox)
  Re: Another oops (1.3.93)Linus Torvalds
[New] 1.3.96 'make config' bombs in net/ipv4/Config.inTom Grigg
[New] Re: Please change /proc/rtc (PATCH)"Ulrich Windl"
  Re: PTY feature? or bug?Raul Miller
  Re: signal(SIGFPE,SIG_IGN), possible solution?Ben Wing
  Re: Solved: 1.3.94: open () still slower than 1.2.13Paul Schmidt
  Re: LILO and b*zImage?Hans Lermen
  Re: Solved: 1.3.94: open () still slower than 1.2.13Dan McLaughlin
  Re: signal(SIGFPE,SIG_IGN) [email protected] ...
[New] 1.3.95 fails to detect 3c509 Ethernet InterfaceMartin Cornelius
[New] stopping and attaching gdb"Marty Leisner"
[New] Error Compiling ModulesAlfredo Rainho Neves
  Re: Hang in fs/locks.c: posix_locks_deadlock() & posix_lock_file()()
  Re: DOS EMU with new kernels()
[New] My personal wish-listAaron Fredrick Tiensivu
[New] Updating a Filesystem"Alan V. Shackelford"
  Re: PTY feature? or bug?"Theodore Y. Ts'o"
  RE: fcntl_setlk() keeps displayingTigran Aivazian
  Re: signal(SIGFPE,SIG_IGN), possible solution?(Kai Henningsen)
[New] Problems Compiling ModulesAlfredo Rainho Neves
[New] 1.3.95 strangeDJ Magic
[New] sound patch"Jeff Coy Jr."
  Re: IDE Disk speed enhancements"Stephen C. Tweedie"
  RE: libc, smart linking, binary size (elf/a.out)Simon Shapiro
  Re: 1.3.95 fcntl_setlk() problemsJustin Dossey
[New] 1.3.96 errorsMark Hatle
  Re: autoconfiguring kernel ?"J. Sean Connell"
[New] 1.3.96 problems......"Brian A. Lantz"
  RE: BusLogic 1.2.2 and 1.2.14-unDoug Ledford
  Re: 1.3.95 is not stableSteven L Baur
  Re: Swapping performance testerJauder Ho
[New] Re: KernelDBDavid A Willmore
[New] NCR rel 17 panicKarsten Weiss
  Re: striped swapping?()
  Re: penguin?"Jeff Coy Jr."
[New] Kernel panic debugging (was Re: 1.3.95 is not stable)Linus Torvalds
  Re: mmap()'d file contents disappearLinus Torvalds
[New] 1.3.95: reset did not complete at ei_rx_overrunRonald Wahl
  Re: As 2.0 looms (fwd)Alan Cox
[New] strange load peaks with recent kernels(Rob Janssen)
  Re: 1.3.94 Ooops For Sale..."B. Galliart"
  Re: Serial Driver Bug??"Theodore Y. Ts'o"
  Re: ip_build_xmit patch (was <none>)Matthias Urlichs
  Re: broken flock emulation.........Jared Mauch
[New] Null syscall latencyMolnar Ingo
[New] dropping kerneld..."Lauri Tischler"
[New] Re: strange login problems?"Graham Mitchell"
[New] Re: Ideas for reducing memory copying and zeroing timesMarcus Meissner
  Re: writing a parallel port driver to support external hardwareRussell Berry
[New] Re: As 2.0 looms (fwd)"Lauri Tischler"
[New] mmap device doesn't work? and NR_MEM_LIST in 1.3.90(John Taves)
  Re: striped swapping?Bryn Paul Arnold Jones
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