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    SubjectBusLogic 1.2.2 and 1.2.13 kernels

    As Leonard Z. (I'm really going to have to learn how to spell his name :)
    pointed out, the BusLogic.patch file in his driver update is against a
    1.2.13 clean source tree. This of course, means a non ELF updated
    kernel. The problems come in with the patches to include/asm-i386/irq.h
    if you have an ELF patched kernel. On my ftp site there is a
    BusLogic-ELF.patch.gz file that fixes this. This is Leonard's patch with
    the changes to irq.h updated to reflect how things are done in the ELF
    kernels, and nothing else. You can safely use this patch file instead of
    Leonards distributed patch file if you have an ELF kernel and wish to
    install his driver update and scsi mods. The file name is

    Later :)

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