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    SubjectRe: As 2.0 looms
    > (source is in I have tested it with 1.3.79 (with
    > path mtu discovery enabled - ncsa 2.3.08 didn't work) and it seems
    > to work. I don't know if anyone is working on this code - this
    > version is over a year old. Too bad - it's faster and often more
    > stable than these windoze telnets, and runs on almost anything...

    Thanks for that. I'll put it in the Documentation directory as
    a note about buggy NCSA stuff.

    > Now back to things to fix before 2.0:
    > - /proc is still insecure :-(. You can open /proc/<pid>/mem and
    > hold the file descriptor, then have the target process exec some
    > setuid/setgid/unreadable program and read its memory at will.
    > Not good for things like ssh - the secret host key is there...

    Arghhh... Linus ????. We definitely need to break the association for
    setuid/setgid apps. It wouldnt actually be hard to do.

    > - somewhat related: it shouldn't be possible to ptrace unreadable
    > programs (just like set[ug]id), they may be unreadable for a reason
    > like encryption key compiled in, etc. Also, needs some way
    > to know the program is unreadable so it won't accept LD_xxx (this
    > may need kernel support, syscall to read the dumpable flag maybe?)

    There are millions of these, core dumping etc. Its basically I think a
    unix feature. At least we dont have compiled in passwords like GCOS3

    > - do we still have the verify_area/memcpy race? (I guess yes, but
    > I hope I am wrong... what if the area is unmapped while the process
    > sleeps between verify_area and memcpy?)

    You can get a non fatal Oops: out of that yes. The ftruncate disk corrupt
    bug is gone.

    > - bad_user_access_length should be available to modules for old gcc
    > users, in ksyms.c or perhaps as inline function conditional on the
    > version of gcc? (otherwise at least ncpfs won't load)

    Use gcc 2.7.x - 2.5.8 miscompiles stuff in the current kernel.


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