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SubjectRe: Must modules be GPL'ed?
> Kevin Lentin ( wrote:
> : I think one of the reasons for having modules was the ability for people to
> : supply binary modules.
> I am absolutely ignorant in copyrighting-licensing-etc... stuff,
> but I feel that it would be wrong to ALLOW to supply binary modules.
> F.e. there exist obsolete binary drivers for riscom/n2 and et cards.
> Good, linux-2.0 will be issued tomorrow, SDL and ETinc. will issue new binary
> drivers in half of year. By this time, linux-2.0 will be obsoleted
> by 2.1, as it occured with 1.2.13 ...

Um, 1.2.13 hasn't been obsoleted (except by 1.2.14), anymore than any
software is obsoleted by the beta of the next release. x.(2n+1)
kernels are development, not stable, kernels.
> It would be better not to have them at all.
> Alexey Kuznetsov.

Buddha Buck
"She was infatuated with their male prostitutes, whose members were
like those of donkeys and whose seed came in floods like that of
stallions." -- Ezekiel 23:20

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