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SubjectRe: X-Windows
Chris Evans said:

|> >
|> > I never had a problem with 1.2.13 or the earlier 1.3.x kernels in this
|> > particular respect. BTW I use a PS/2 mouse ....
|> Do you use this mouse as a module + kerneld? Loading/unloading of this
|> modules repeatedly caused me great hassles for some time. I helped
|> someone track this down to an erroneously called schedule() in one of the
|> psuax_*() functions I think, and am wondering if this has been fixed.

Nope -- it's compiled right in (no point in me loading it as a module when I always need it). And I don't use gpm (I think that's the name of it -- the programme to let you use a mouse in the consoles) 'cos I know PS/2 mice don't like it.

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