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SubjectRe: 1.3.94 problems
> Other 1.3.94 problems I've found include a large number of unresolved 
> symbols (every module I compiled in fact), and the failure of affs to
> compile (a module option for this would be nice).

AFFS doesnt compile. I've had no other apparent module trouble with this

> Running sdoom on the console still reliably freezes the dumb terminal
> attatched to ttyS2 (2nd serial card), sometime causing an oops in doom
> when you hammer the keyboard on this terminal in its freezed state. Other
> console games (abuse for example) cause no such problems.

Sounds like you have an XGA compatible video card or an XGA probe going on.
Some (many) ISA cards decode only the lower 9bits and the ISA stuff for
XGA confuses it. Have you changed your SVGAlib at all ?

[Real looking OOPS omitted]

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