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    SubjectRe: keyboard locks in 1.3.9x
    >>>>> "Ted" == "Theodore Y Ts'o" <> writes:

    Ted> Is there a way to send an arbitrary command to the keyboard by
    Ted> logging in over the network and running some user-mode program?
    Ted> Or better yet, is there some way we can make the kernel
    Ted> automatically figure send some sort of reset command when it gets
    Ted> a "Keyboard error"?

    Ted> Right now, the only recourse I have is the Big Red Switch (tm).

    For what it's worth, I've experienced the same problem (I was thinking
    it was just a short in the keyboard or something), and unplugging the
    keyboard then plugging it back in fixes it. It's a less drastic
    solution than the rebooting, anyway.

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