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SubjectRe: networking, 1.3.91
I should have also stated in my first post that I've been running
this machine, with this card, on this network, with various linux
kernels since December with no problems. The only messages I ever
received before were transmit (Tx) timeouts (two or three each night)
as the suns were dumping to tape.


24 Apr 1996, Paul Gortmaker wrote:

> >
> > My machine is seinfeld, the suns on the network are larry, curly, moe,
> > shemp, etc... seinfeld is a P60, WD card. 1.3.91. I get strange delays
> [...]
> > Apr 23 09:47:12 seinfeld kernel: eth0: reset did not complete at
> > ei_rx_overrun.
> > Apr 23 09:47:23 seinfeld kernel: eth0: reset did not complete at
> > ei_rx_overrun.
> > ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> >
> > Any clues as to what's going on here?
> Yes, the card is getting spammed with more packets than it can handle,
> and is suffering continuous overruns. (Probably an 8k wd8003) Note that you
> only hear about an overrun like the above when the subsequent reset fails.
> Otherwise it is dealt with silently. Thus you are probably getting
> multiple overruns per second. Reduce your TCP window as discussed in
> the performance tips section of the Ethernet-HowTo, and in "man route".
> Paul.

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