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SubjectRe: signal(SIGFPE,SIG_IGN) causes endless loop
Alan Cox <> writes:
> > > SCO Unix:
> >
> > Well on SCO the proram above does not compile! The compiler notices the
> > divide by zero :-)
> Then the SCO system is not a C compiler. Thats a compiler bug. X/0 is legal
> C. Remind me to use an FPU trap to run something gratuitously so SCO users
> cant build it.

My test was done with the cc compiler (This is from Microsoft!). rcc (which
is the "old" (i.e. pcc) compiler will compile the original program and loops
just like Linux. (except if you optimize it and then it doesn't do the
division :-)

gcc (2.5.8) behaves the same as rcc.

Stephen Rothwell
NEC Australia Phone: +61-6-2508747
Information Systems Group Fax: +61-6-2508746
Canberra, Australia

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