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SubjectAs 2.0 looms

Firstly we need to categorise each existing "Alpha", "experimental" or whatever
driver appropriately. Some drivers marked ALPHA are most definitely not now
ALPHA. Other stuff like the masquerade proxy agents and multicast routing
need to be ALPHA clearly.

Secondly a load of error/debug messages need fixing - the giant barf from
a floppy driver timeout, the routing cache debug, the arp cache debug etc

A lot of people are having trouble with path mtu discovery if enabled.
Almost all of these are people using NCSA telnet - its buggy, tough, go fix.
Two however seem to be seeing a real problem where the Linux box gets a
failure sequence of using 596 bytes getting an error, should be going to 576
but tries 596 again ad infinitum. If people are getting hangs talking only
to some remote sites and their near local links are 576/596 can they dump
sessions and look to see if this is what is up.


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