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SubjectRe: loop/mount - was: Re: /proc/misc has bad mode
Matthias Urlichs:

> I patched my loopback device and my mount binary
> so that closing or unmounting /dev/loop? automatically
> disassociates the device from the file.

Andries Brouwer:

: No patch required, that is the default behaviour of the current mount.

Matthias Urlichs:

We can do things either way, of course, but I do like my way better.
Umount should be able to undo whatever it is mount does by doing a
simple umount(2) system call.

Well, the symmetry is perfect: if mount does just a mount(2) system
call, then umount does just an umount(2) system call.
If mount also does an ioctl, then also umount does an ioctl.

Consider am "emergency" reboot

Do you seriously think this additional ioctl makes any difference?


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