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    SubjectRe: /proc/misc has bad mode
    Date wrote:
    >Matthias Urlichs:
    >Yes, /etc/mtab has
    > /tmp/fdimage /mnt msdos rw,loop=/dev/loop0,blocksize=1024 0 0
    > /dev/cdrom /cd iso9660 ro,noexec,nosuid,nodev,unhide 0 0
    >where /proc/mounts has
    > /dev/loop0 /mnt msdos rw 0 0
    > /dev/cdrom /cd iso9660 ro,noexec,nosuid,nodev 0 0
    >It follows that /proc/mounts cannot yet replace /etc/mtab -
    >some mount options are invisible in /proc/mounts.

    Well, I never use "unhide", I patched my loopback device and my mount
    binary so that closing or unmounting /dev/loop? automatically disassociates
    the device from the file, and I only mount /path/to/disks/name under
    /file/name, so that's not a problem for me. ;-)

    IMHO it is a mistake for /dev/loop? to remember its association to a file
    after it's closed. What for? Presumably, after the program which uses it is
    done, it's done, and instead of "loattach FILE DEVICE; program arguments;
    lodetach DEVICE" we can simply add an execvp() call at the end of loattach
    and write "loattach DEVICE FILE program arguments". Or whatever. That would
    have the added benefit to not require umount to depend on correct contents
    of /proc/mounts or /etc/mtab.

    The only problem with this would be a program which believes in closing all
    file descriptors it doesn't want to know about, but these are a major pain
    in the ass anyway (just try to use a Makefile which calls ssh).

    >Three months ago or so I submitted a correct /proc/mounttable
    >and /proc/swaptable, but since it was not used, I must now
    >leave it to others to polish /proc/mounts (and add /proc/swaps (ugh)).
    Do you still have that patch? I'm interested.

    I'll pick up my papers,
    and smile at the sky.
    I know that the hypnotized
    never lie.
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