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2 Apr 1996

  Re: Linux-1.3.81(Miquel van Smoorenburg)
  Re: memory corruption under heavy load?lilo
[New] 'Socket destroy delayed'"Paul Slootman"
  Re: Not counting "serial" interrupts(Christoph Lameter)
[New] loop semi-broken in 1.3.80 [email protected] ...
  Re: stty -a rows/columns still broken (1.3.81).Tim Wright
  Re: Linux-1.3.81(Miquel van Smoorenburg)
[New] Request from checksum function [email protected] ...
[New] Slow PPP/SLIP bug: Found change that caused problem(Christoph Lameter)
[New] Procps output(Mr A.M. Kruczkowski)
[New] kernel problem [email protected] ...
[New] Re: time problems in 1.3.77"Graham Mitchell"
[New] FdiskAlfredo Rainho Neves
[New] Re: 1.3.81 and loopback mountMatthias Urlichs
  utmp not getting cleaned.Kayvan Sylvan
  Re: time problems in 1.3.77(Theofilu Andreas)
  Re: Linux-1.3.81"Marty Leisner"
  Re: announce: ext2 compression patchMichel LESPINASSE
  Re: memory corruption under heavy load?root
[New] RE: Compile problemDoug
  Re: Dual MonitorMailing List Receiver
  Re: Linux 1.3.81 and Parallel Port Zip DriveMatthew Kramer
[New] Re: time problems in 1.3.77Bryn Paul Arnold Jones
  Re: Taking stuff out of the kerneltpeters
[New] Starting kernel threads (or something like that)tpeters
  Re: newbies not reading the FAQs...Bill Bogstad
[New] 1.7.78+ PPA TimeoutsMatthew Kramer
[New] Can anyone get more than 256 fds per process in 1.3.78+"David ``Joel Katz'' Schwartz"
[New] procps - rehashtpeters
[New] Re: Dual Monitor(Mitch Davis)
  Re: Ext2 fs [email protected] ...
[New] /proc/sys/net patchMike Shaver
  Re: Dual MonitorAntoine Reid
  Re: Problems raising fd limits in 1.3.78-1.3.80"David ``Joel Katz'' Schwartz"
  Re: Format of /proc/sys/vm - files? [email protected] ...
[New] (Another) 1.3.81 crashSteven L Baur
  Re: ext2 attribute immutable [email protected] ...
  Re: Is anyone using EXT FStpeters
  Re: Problems raising fd limits in 1.3.78-1.3.80 [email protected] ...
[New] Socket destroy delayedDaniel Schepler
  Re: clearing memoryDrew Eckhardt
  Re: kernel debuggingDrew Eckhardt
  Re: CONFIG_PNP: Please change the nametpeters
  Re: 1.3.57 and 1.3.79 with NCR53c825 get stock in LILO ....Drew Eckhardt
[New] [Q] linux kernel threadsDavid Arnold
[New] The cat is backhab
[New] Re: Real Time Clock driver for 1.3.81Paul Gortmaker
  Re: stty -a rows/columns still broken (1.3.81).Linus Torvalds
  Re: 'Socket destroy delayed'Steven L Baur
[New] Kernel >1.3.7X Breaks DOSEMUJoel Maslak
  Re: 1.3.80 setup.S change prevents booting.Linus Torvalds
  Re: strange disk activity [tail -f]Malcolm Beattie
  Re: Linux 1.3.81 and Parallel Port Zip DriveKevin M Bealer
[New] Re: Not counting "serial" interruptsSteve Davies
  Re: procps - rehash(Brad Littlejohn)
  Re: 1.3.80 setup.S change prevents booting.Craig Schlenter
  Re: Slow PPP/SLIP bug: Found change that caused problemLinus Torvalds
  Re: PCI SCSI WD 7193 [email protected] ...
  Re: Procps outputMark Gallaher
  Re: ext2 attribute immutableCees de Groot
[New] >1.3.57 with PCI 3c590Alexander Kozlov
[New] 1.3.81: IP fragmenter BUG free!=1, ip_queue_xmit: frag neededOliver Jowett
[New] [email protected] ...
  Re: ext2 attribute immutableMatthias Urlichs
  Re: Linux-1.3.81& sysvinitMiquel van Smoorenburg
[New] Compile error 1.3.82(Thomas König)
  Re: time problems in 1.3.77Matthias Urlichs
[New] system.h kernel 1.3.82(root)
  Re: strange disk activity [tail -f]Kevin M Bealer
[New] Re: Ext2 fs <[email protected] ...
  Re: Problems raising fd limits in 1.3.78-1.3.80"Andrew E. Mileski"
[New] 1.3.81 and ircd still not working(Robert Luce)
[New] Re: Linux-1.3.81& sysvinit(Karl Keyte)
  Re: The cat is now obscene <[email protected] ...
[New] 1.3.81 oops"Jeff Coy Jr."
[New] Cannot compile 1.3.77-81"W. Friess"
[New] UDP: bad checksum.Delepine Jean Charles
[New] Most stable Linux versionBen Abarbanel
[New] Re: stty -a rows/columns still broken (1.3.81).(really )
[New] corrupted filesystem: 1.3.81, XF86_S3/3.1.2D, Triton DMA supportDaniel Suman
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