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SubjectRe: Lack of message volume
>>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin M Bealer <> writes:

>> I'm sorry to bother ya'll with this off-topic question, but I was
>> wondering if anyone else has noticed a *MASSIVE* drop in the number of
>> messages coming from both these lists?
>> I've dropped (in the past 4 days) from around 90-100 msgs per day to 9
>> or 10.

Kevin> Hmmm.... I checked my mail today and the number of messages
Kevin> went from 750 to 1000... I'm getting 100-300 messages a day,
Kevin> most of them I get at least two copies with identical sizes and
Kevin> I last I checked identical Message-ID's..

I see the same thing as the first poster. I was going to check out
what's been posted about 1.3.90 and 1.3.91, but I see practically no
new posts.


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