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SubjectRe: Creeping disapearances.
On Fri, 19 Apr 1996, Uwe Bonnes wrote:

> >>>>> "Dale" == Dale Scheetz <> writes:
> Dale> Over the last several kernels I have noticed some things cropping
> Dale> up at boot up. For a while now, I get messages about not being
> Dale> able to start /sbin/syslod and /sbin/klogd. Since things have been
> Dale> running well and I haven't needed the logs, I have not been
> Dale> concerned (I figured it was a configuration problem related to
> Dale> other work) and would figure it out later. With the 1.3.91
> Dale> kernel, there is the additional message: no device: cua0 no
> Dale> device: cua1 no device: cua2 no device: cua3 Now, all the
> Dale> /dev/cuax files were still in place, so I rebooted with a 1.3.80
> Dale> problems! I have the sysvinit-2.60 and the
> Dale> procps-0.99, so what else do I need?
> Did you "make (x)config" and select the normal serial drivers? They are new!
I use "make menuconfig" and mark the following line:

<M> Standard/Generic serial support

Tis the only choice I get :-)



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