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SubjectRe: Some Serious 1.3.90 Issues, Again.

Hi Linus Torvalds; On 19-Apr-96 you wrote:
> > On Thu, 18 Apr 1996, Andrew E. Mileski wrote:
> >
> > Why do people expect consistency with _EXPERIMENTAL_ kernels?
> > It is akin to expecting politicians to keep election promises.
> NO!
> You _should_ run the experimental kernels, as much as possible. And
> you _should_ expect it to work correctly and consistently. The experimental
> doesn't mean "may break - don't test". It means "may break - complain to us
> if it does, but don't expect us to feel sorry for you".
> So Simon is doing exactly the right thing.. Don't flame people for
> reporting bugs.

Hey Gang! Did I tell you I love each and every one of you?
Flamers included!

Let me take a moment to exlain:

After over 20 years of Kernel internals, RDBMS design and other strange
escapades, I finally had my share of the world's leading proceesor maker.

The worst flaming I ever saw here is like a refreshing breath of air.
At least you are compassionate about what you do.

The level of support I observe here has to be yet matched by the software
``giants'' of the world.

From years of bad habits, I tend to play a little dumb when posting a
I tend to try & identify with the user on one hand. On the other, I believe
that a simple, factual description of the problem, sans theories helps
diagnose a problem rapidly.

In addition, these days I am so swamped with developing employment
alternatives, continuing previous obligations to some very nice people at my
last employment, the Debian master, the scsi problem, Postgres95 developmet,
and many home responsibilities that I am not very good at diagnosing

> As to why Simon sees the problems, I don't know yet. Duh.

Because Simon does not follw this mailing list closely enough, pays too
little attention and probably has the most complex PC to run Linux this side
of Venus.

Sincerely Yours, (Sent on 04/19/96, 15:05:57 by XF-Mail)

Simon Shapiro i-Connect.Net, a Division of iConnect Corp.
Shimon@i-Connect.Net 13455 SW Allen Blvd., Suite 140 Beaverton OR 97008

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