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    SubjectRe: X-Windows
    > Lately, while in X I have been having keyboard and mouse lockups. The
    > mouse cursor moves, but none of the clicks do anything. I can shut the
    > system down from another machine, but I can't get my machine to do
    > anything. So far it's only happened while running Netscape 2.01, but
    > there was a time, (somewhere between 1.3.85 - 1.3.88) where Netscape
    > couldn't have worked any better. I don't want to put all the blame on the
    > kernel, but just wanted to know if anyone else is having this problem.
    > The system doesn't give any strange messages either. Anybody have an idea
    > why this is happening?

    i have a similar symptom; i have a logitech mouseman and i believe
    it is a bug in X' handling of the mouseman protocol (but i have no
    tests to base this theory on :-)

    if i press the middle mouse button it unfreezes, which is an ok
    workaround for me. but the first couple of times it happened i
    was really worried.

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