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SubjectLinux-1.3.91 - Greased HedgeHog
I just made a 1.3.91 release, and everybody will be very happy to know that
this release has the Makefile updated correctly so that everybody can see that
they are indeed running 1.3.91 and not some older and inferior kernel..

Due to popular demand, the kernel is known as the first in the "Greased
HedgeHog" series. There are some rather strange people out there...

There are actually a few other minor fixes there too, but it's worth getting
for just the new and improved Makefile!

- digiboard driver update (shouldn't crash with NULL pointer dereference etc)
- tulip driver update
- alpha PCI fixes
- alpha signal handler gets full arguments (not just signr)
- i387 state saving fix for signals
- serial and tty driver update
- stallion driver update (mostly move structures to header file)
- 3c505 driver update
- eql driver update
- wic driver hopefully works again
- buslogic driver update
- eata driver update
- ncr5380 driver cmd line arguments
- iso9660 bugfix
- ncpfs directory cache bugfix
- various small networking fixes (udp race, tcp rtt, etc)
- menuconfig update

Go test it all out, it's good for you,


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