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SubjectRe: Problems with 1.3.90
Don Parsons writes:
> On 16 Apr 1996, Steven L Baur wrote:
> > It's not very stable. I got two X server crashes within the first
> > couple of hours of installation:
> I have to agree too. I think this is the first valid total crashing
> kernel I've seen since I started using Linux-0.98pl1, and I've compiled
> most of them from there to 1.3.90 (aka 1.3.89).

I had one crash here, which I think is to do with my system (compaq
prolinea 4/100 (old style)) not liking IDE interrupt unmasking being
turned on with hdparm (hdparm -u 1) -- it crashed like that once
before with an earlier 1.3 kernel. I've turned that off and had no
more trouble.

The problem basically was my Future Domain 16xx driver timing out when
accessing my HD, and not recovering. Every process that then wanted
to access the HD hung.

Apart from that, it seems quite stable!


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