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SubjectRe: installed 1.3.90 version reporting error.
Shane R. Stixrud said:
> I compiled 1.3.90 and installed it and it still reports 1.3.89? Has
> anyone else had this problem? I thought it was just the patch i got so i
> downloaded the whole source tree and the same thing happend. So i dunno.
> The kernel size changed so I know its the patched 1.3.90.

This is all a cunning plan(TM) by Linus, he was beginning to believe that
nobody was using his daily patches (read his latest patch announcements to see
what I mean), so the 1.3.90 kernel includes this simple but very very
effective "mail linus if you install 1.3.90" trick. I think he should by now
be sufficiently impressed by his faithful patch followers to not have to repeat
this plan for a while, not before 2.1.89 anyway.

Jon. <,>

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