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SubjectRe: 1.3.89 BusLogic driver problem

Leonard> I'm afraid your problem is completely different. The

hmm, I think the first problem ( 1.3.89/90 problem ) is same.

But, the second problem ( Tagged Queueing problem ) is completely
different. I heard that this problem may be caused by my HDD ( Quantum
Empire 1080S ). I think Empire is something broken.This problem is not
BusLogic specific problem. This problem seems in some Other Host
Adapter ( eg. NCR83c810, AHA2842,,,etc ).

Is this correct?

Leonard> 1.3.89/1.3.90 problem was due to my using a host adapter
Leonard> command that I though worked in all version 4.xx formware and
Leonard> above, but actually only works in 4.25 and above. I sent

hmm, my 946C's firmware is version 4.xx, but not work.

Leonard> TANAKA a workaround immediately and queried BusLogic for the
Leonard> correct answer. I've already sent a patch to Linus

OK, I'll try it tonighit.

Leonard> Please send me the full startup messages from the driver.

OK, If the 1.3.91 will not release tonight or tomorrow, I send it.

Leonard> Better still, wait for 1.3.91 which should fix the above
Leonard> problem and then try your test again, and send me the startup
Leonard> messages if it still fails.


Thanks a lot.


_/_/_/_/ Daisuke SUZUKI @ Ochimizu Software Engineering Labolatory
_/ AIST mailto:,
_/ Hokuriku
O_/ Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Hokuriku 1990

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