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SubjectRe: Problems with 1.3.90

On 16 Apr 1996, Steven L Baur wrote:

> It's not very stable. I got two X server crashes within the first
> couple of hours of installation:

I have to agree too. I think this is the first valid total crashing
kernel I've seen since I started using Linux-0.98pl1, and I've compiled
most of them from there to 1.3.90 (aka 1.3.89).

Mine was an instant total lockup and no messages what so ever. There was
no periodic disk activity so I didn't even bother to try logging in from
my other networked box. I just got PPP running yesterday with (the real)
1.3.89 and used netscape, ncftp, etc. for many hours. Today, I was just a
very few minutes into netscape, and after a few K into my second link, it
totally died, the mouse locked up and I could find no sign of life. (I
forget to try the magic scroll-lock keys.) I used the reset button to
reboot. After fighting to get rebooted and running e2fsck manually, etc
only one bad file (html being received) ended up in lost+found.

syslogd and klogd were running but I couldn't find any messages in the
log files regarding the crash. Sorry.

I noticed someone else earlier also had some difficulty with 1.3.90 and
netscape-2.01. (Mine I believe is 2.0, first non-beta)

Don Parsons

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