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SubjectRe: floppy problem & Award BIOS floppy swap

On Tue, 16 Apr 1996, Ulrich Windl wrote:

> Introduction:
> Recently I decided to add my 5.25" floppy drive to my new computer
> (Asus board with Triton chipset). I wanted the 5.25" drive to be the
> second drive, but unfortunately the connector plugged into A: was the
> conector on the far end of the cable, and in the middle was the
> connector(s) for drive B:. As I needed to have B: on the far end of
> the cable, I thought swapping the connectors AND changing the drive
> select would be a good idea. Unfortunately this ended up in a strange
> situaltion, where the light on drive A: went on simultaneously with
> the motor of drive B: and for the light of drive B: the motot of A:
> went on. So I undid the changes...
> Now the Asus BIOS is basically an Award BIOS that allows to swap
> floppy drives. As it seems this feature is not supported by hardware,
> but is done in software. It works fine for DOS, but for Linux the
> drive parameters seem swapped, and probably due to that I can't
> successfully access any drive. Now, is there any possibility for the
> floppy driver to work without the BIOS parameters, or is there a way
> to find out if drives are swapped in Award BIOS?
> To really solve my problem, it seems I need a different cable...
> Ulrich
On some ASUS motherboards there are two options to swap floppy drives, if
you have a swap floppy option in the chipset section of CMOS that one will
work. I have used it on an ASUS 486 motherboard.

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