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I just made a 1.3.90, which fixes the sig11's under heavy load when sswapping.
Thanks to everybody who were trying this, and especially Bruno Haible who fixed
the swap page locks to work with the new asynchronous page IO.

The sig11 bug is the important one, but 1.3.90 also does

- final (? hope so) mandatory lock cleanup
- i386 signal handling cleaned up for the 387 state saving stuff (it doesn't
save 387 state yet, but now it should be easier to do that). There is a
rather long-standing (since 0.01) problem with signal handlers and math
coprocessor state, and that one will finally be fixed in 1.3.91 (ie RSN ;-)
- 3c59x bugfix (transmit timeouts)
- eexpress driver bugfixes
- tcp fast retransmit fix

I know you're just anxious to compile it try it out, so I won't keep you any
longer. Have fun,


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