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Subjectstruct icmp disappeared?
Hi guys,

What is going on with netinet system headers? I was probably asleep for last
couple of weeks because only now I realised that struct icmp is not in
<netinet/ip_icmp.h>! In fact, <netinet/ip_icmp.h> points to <linux/icmp.h>
which does not even contain struct icmp. So, to compile programs like
nuke (you know the little thingy?) I had to use -Ilinux-include and use the
netinet/ip_icmp.h which came with libpcap/tcmpdump-richard bundle.

Yes, I looked in <linux/icmp.h> and noticed that there is struct icmphdr
there but it is totally different. I mean the names icmp_type -> type etc
etc. Surely, you dont expect people to go through the source they want to
compile and correct all the references???

Is this the correct state of the headers or something is wrong?

Thanks for your reply (in advance),

PS. Btw, if you are also know what is the purpose of count field in
signal_struct which is a field calls sig in task_struct please tell me that
as well. Thanks alot.

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