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SubjectRe: Parallel, IEEE 1284, Zip drive
On Wed, 10 Apr 1996, Grant R. Guenther wrote:

> Alan Cox wrote:
> > Having hacked on the quickcam kernel driver a bit (mine doesnt lockup now
> > if the camera falls off - I am happy ;)), I think the problem we have is
> > small. The plip driver,lp, qcam and other devices need only one small
> > change to solve the problem. They need to use check_region/request_region
> > in their open/close routines not at init. That way one driver will
> > block the others cleanly rather than failing to have them all boot politely.
> > Maybe someone with enough weird parallel junk can try making those changes ?
> I really don't see how this is any better than the current "official"
> answer: use each of the drivers as a module and load only one at any
> point in time.
> In the particular case that I get mail about every day: a printer chained
> off a ZIP drive, neither really does what people want. You see, the DOS
> drivers appear to allow you to use both, apparently at the same time:
> you can safely print a file from the ZIP drive. It works in DOS because
> the ZIP driver hooks the bios printer vector and serialises access based
> on it's knowledge of the PPA protocol.

Just for reference, the 'ditto' device has a similar connector on the back
and can be chained with a printer, but I have been printing with the printer
(under Win95) and attempted to use the Ditto and the printer just starting
spilling garbage all over the page. I would wonder how important that part
of the Iomega design specs were for these drives (tape devices are 'special
use' of course, but...)

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