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SubjectRe: Strange Warnings
Brian Kimball:

: warning: dev (04:01) tty->count(x) != #fd's(x) in tty_open
: warning: dev (04:01) tty->count(x) != #fd's(x) in release_dev

: where the (x) can be any number. Previously these would scroll
: down the screen seemingly forever, now it will stop after about 15
: seconds and give me a login prompt. I'm running 1.3.77.

A buglet in the serial driver, associated with a half-open pseudo tty,
if I am not mistaken. Often this means that your console device
has become a pseudo tty - check that /dev/console is a symbolic
link to /dev/tty0 (current tty) or /dev/tty15 (some arbitrary tty).


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