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SubjectRe: General Protection faults with 1.3.85-8] kernels
>>>>> "William" == "William M Perkins" <> writes:

William> Grrrrrr....

William> Well, I got the problem figured out finally! I get the
William> General Protection faults with any a.out (ZMAGIC) program I
William> try to run with the 1.3.8[5-8] kernels! This happens even
William> though I compile these kernels with CONFIG_BINFMT_AOUT=y. I
William> had to compile the 1.3.8[5-8] kernels with
William> CONFIG_BINFMT_AOUT=m to get a module and load it as part of
William> the boot process. I also have CONFIG_BINFMT_ELF=y since most
William> of the programs on my system are ELF.

Hmmm... There must be some other cause mixed in as well. I have


and I don't have any problems with any binaries.

My system is a mixed ELF/a.out system though I'm slowly replacing
a.out binaries with ELF binaries. I expect that by mid-1998, I'll be
rid of a.out and can blow away the libraries. 1/2 ;-)


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