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Subjectnfsiod issues?

I sent mail to the linux-kernel list about this once before and never
got an answer. Am I missing something, or is there some definite
problems with the nfsiod code?

I am assuming that from a process standpoint, the nfsiod code looks
like a normal process with it's memory space mapped into kernel space,
and thus is subject to scheduling, and since there are multiple
processes modifying the same kernel registers at potentially the same
time, there are race conditions that need to be protected against,
somehow. If I am wrong about those assumptions, please correct me.

In addition, the locking of insmod's memory and command line look bad
and are confusing unless you have read the README. Not a spiffy thing
to have in a stable release.

Also, what about loading/unloading the nfs module. Is it really the
only viable solution to keep the nfsiod's around and the nfs.o module
loaded until said processes are killed? It seems strongly against the
concept of loadable modules to me, especially with kerneld.

Can anyone give some reasons not to be concerned about the above,
fixes for the above, or enough clues to fix it myself? :)


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