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SubjectRe: Linux-1.3.89
On Mon, 15 Apr 1996, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> I made a 1.3.89 kernel that fixes
> - I had missed one place where we should have called tcp_send_delayed_ack().

This fixes the ftp hang problem for me. As far as throughput is concerned,
NNTP and TELNET are now at a good level. Unfortunately between 1.3.84 and
1.3.89 I've seen another 20% slowdown on sustained PPP throughput:

1.3.8[0123] 1.3.84 1.3.86 1.3.86+ 1.3.89
NNTP ~3.5Kb/s 3.3Kb/s 3.6Kb/s 4.9Kb/s 5.1Kb/s
Compressible FTP ~6.0Kb/s 6.4Kb/s 6.1Kb/s 5.1Kb/s 5.0Kb/s

I appreciate that NNTP transfers will vary according to the type of
postings and number of articles. All of the above are a "slurp" of about
20 groups with about 2 days worth of postings (2,500 articles ?) which
under Windoze I can usually transfer at between 5.0 and 5.5Kb/s

I haven't had time to tcpdump the ftp transfer to see where the slowdown
is coming from. I'll try that ASAP.

> - various drivers updated (this includes the scsi reset handling, although
> only the BusLogic driver really uses that currently)
> - RTC driver - Linux/SMP needs it
> - SVGA bootup minor bugfix
> - "struct page" updates for the alpha too
> - MD and loopback shouldn't deadlock any more (confim, please?)

I would really like to see the MD code fixed "correctly" I've been meaning
to check out the MD code myself, but how many other projects am I involved
in at the moment ???

> - some of the more obscure network drivers work again
> - sound driver ioctl bugfix
> - ELF core-dumps more complete
> - iso9660 bugfix (probably the one that caused some problems for people with
> some CD's..)

Hmmm... Now where was that "buggered" CD ?

> - SMP should compile cleanly again
> - verify_area() bugfix (this was mentioned on the kernel list already: if you
> did that patch by hand you have to reverse it to apply the 1.3.89 patch)
> Thanks for trying this out (you ARE going to try it out, aren't you??),

Of course Master - us masochists like restoring backups when we don't read
a patch carefuly enough :-)

> Linus


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