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SubjectRe: 16 MB -> 32 MB, a memory problem resolved!
> On Sun, 14 Apr 1996, William M. Perkins wrote:
> > An observation.
> >
> > I do not know why I cannot use the last 384 KB of memory. Maybe the
> > hardware is relocating something it needs to upper memory. The point
> > as I see it is that this kind of a problem demonstrates a variation
> > in way that motherboards are designed. Linux needs to be able to
> > work with as many of these different variations as it can if it is to
> > be a successful operating system.
> So how about posting your hardware config -> motherboard brand/type
> wouldn't hurt. And bios settings might come in handy too :)
> Tim

I did not include my configuration because my point was to state that
Linux, as it is currently setup, can require alot of intuition from an
experienced PC user to resolve problems related to the cpu, motherboard,
i/o cards, and other peripheral hardware. The number of variations that
can be configured for PC hardware are very great. Systems that work with
DOS may never work with Linux because of some screwy hardware issue that
DOS never sees, but blows Linux out of the water. One added point on
this subject, Linux can probably be made to work on more hardware
configurations than Win95. :-)

For your information my hardware configuration includes the following:
- 486-PSD-IO motherboard with builtin NCR 53c810 and IDE controller
- 486/DX2 66 MHz CPU
- 32 MB of memory (4 - 4x36-60ns)
- SoundBlaster 16 sound card
- 3c503 Ethernet card (thinnet)
- Paradise S3 864 PCI graphic card (2 MB)
- I/O card with 2 - 16550A serial ports
- Acer 56L 15" monitor
- Cardinal 28.8Kb modem
SCSI devices (IDE is disabled)
- CONNER Model: CFP1060S 1.05GB Rev: 213C
- FUJITSU Model: M2684S-512 Rev: 2026
- QUANTUM Model: PD210S Rev: 527
- TOSHIBA Model: CD-ROM XM-3401TA Rev: 2873
- CIPHER Model: ST150S2 (QIC150) Rev: G76M
Short list of software used:
- RedHat 2.1 Linux Nov 1995 distribution (ELF with some a.out)
- kernel 1.3.89
- gcc 2.7.0
- named 5.9.3
- inn 1.4unoff3
- ppp 2.2.0e
- diald 0.11



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