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I already have a news server running 1.3.57 and the aic7xxx driver.
Currently, it's been over two months since my last crash. At this point
I consider this thing extremely reliable. However, we just got offered a
deal almost to good to pass up. The deal is for 7 Seagate Barracuda 4GB
Wide drives in an external cabinet, currently in use as a Raid 0
solution. The people who have the setup don't need all that it offers
(they bought more than they needed and now they don't want to be out the
cash). Considering it's only 3 months old, I figured I couldn't hardly
go wrong. However, I have not purchased it yet. For one simple reason.
I need to know whether or not it would be reliable to run MD with the
1.3.57 kernel. Since the 1.3.57 kernel has proven so reliable for me, I
don't want to change unless I have to, but I don't know if the later MD
code will fit into 1.3.57 and make this thing work in a reliable fasion.
If anyone can tell me whether or not they think I can get this thing to
work, I would appreciate it. At the same time I put this in, I might
also be upgrading to the BusLogic 956C controller for the extra tagged
queueing depth, so if anyone can tell me about its reliability I would
appreciate that also.


Doug Ledford

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