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SubjectRE: Linux-1.3.89

Hi Linus Torvalds; On 15-Apr-96 you wrote:

> > I made a 1.3.89 kernel that fixes


> Thanks for trying this out (you ARE going to try it out, aren't you??),

Yes Master! we are.

Two comments if I may:

1. Is there a reason for 1.3.90 coming out 1.3.89 in version.h?

2. You promissed a code freeze sometime in January. I urge you to consider
enforcing it. We have so much new functionality that serious testing
of anything is impossible. It would be nice to have, once a year, maybe,
a period of code freeze where only bug corrections are accepted.

Sincerely Yours, (Sent on 04/16/96, 12:57:28 by XF-Mail)

Simon Shapiro i-Connect.Net, a Division of iConnect Corp.
Shimon@i-Connect.Net 13455 SW Allen Blvd., Suite 140 Beaverton OR 97008

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