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SubjectRe: SCSI problems (fup to backup to Exabyte post)

I don't know about you, but scsi tape backup has never work this good
before :) I have archive and exbtye dats, they would crash with scsi
timeouts even backuping up one file. now I don't have to boot to freebsd
to do backups on my linux partations. Tho, I still get minor crashes when
trying to backup tho X, so there is still some work to do.
So if the people working on that code read this. even tho tapebackup
finally works for me in console, in X it doesn't (I'm running Accelx)
linux 1.3.89, libc 5.3.0. Basically, it backuped, even returned to the
prompt, but when I tried ls, the system frozen. The tape was no longer
backuping, it might have been rewinding tho.


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